No Nonsense List of Google Alternatives for Linux Users

I’ve been saying for a decade that this year is the year Desktop Linux will take over and yes, I again believe 2021 will be that year.

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But why?

Now, onto the list!

  1. Search - DuckDuckGo - An anonymized “wrapper” for Bing.
  2. Browser - Brave - Getting flack for this but I still like Chromium over FF.
  3. Mail - Fastmail - Protonmail is great too but personally I like FM.
  4. Cloud Drive - - Also good,
  5. Desktop OS - Kubuntu - The best OS, change my mind…
  6. Mobile OS - Sailfish OS - I’m sorry to say I still use Android :(
  7. Maps - OpenStreetMaps - I love being able to add my own data!
  8. Phone - Grasshopper - A case where I’m still using Voice but trying to switch.
  9. Docs - Bear Writer - I use LibreOffice offline but in a pinch Bear is great.
  10. Spreadsheets - AirTable - LibreOffice is best unless you need to be online.
  11. Photos - Flickr - An oldie but goodie, especially if you don’t mind paying.
  12. Calendar - - It’s… fine, but Apple and Google are still better.
  13. Passwords - LastPass - I was slow to adopt to a manager but now love it.
  14. Videos - Vimeo - I want to be able to recommend but just can’t, yet.
  15. Authentication - Authy - A rare case of having no complaints!
  16. Blogging - Medium - I actually hate Medium, but its easy and popular.
  17. Meetings - Zoom - Discord is better but grandmas (and bosses) love Zoom.
  18. Ads - - The payouts are low but I love the anonymity they offer.
  19. Flights - SkyScanner - Always trying to get you to “upgrade” but still good.
  20. Web Analytics - Matomo - But I’d love to set up someday.
  21. Payments - Venmo - Honestly they ALL suck, use Bitcoin instead!
  22. Music - Pandora - I missed out on the switch to Spotify and its too late now.
  23. App Store - F-Droid and Aurora Store - An OK alternate to the Play Store.

I am a plant biologist with an MS from OSU and broad experience in data science, cell biology, genetics, genomics, and plant breeding.

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